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Service Manual Application: Suzuki DF40QH, DF50QH, DF40 (DF-40HP, DF-40 HP) & DF50 (DF-50HP, DF-50 HP) 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 & 2008 Outboard boat 4-stroke (four stroke) engine (motor).

CONTENTS OF THIS SERVICE MANUAL: This 1999-2008 Suzuki DF40 & DF50 (DF-40, DF-50) 4-stroke (four stroke) service manual contains fully detailed step-by-step repair procedures with hundreds of photos and illustrations to guide you through any repair, maintenance, overhaul, service specifications or troubleshooting procedure. This expert text guide ebook will give you the knowledge and experience you need to perform simple basic maintenance or more complicated service procedures such as engine overhaul. Covers every thing you will ever need to know to fix anything on your 1999-2008 Suzuki DF40 & DF50 99, 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07 & 08 Outboard boat engine (motor).

Exact models covered:

DF40QH (DF-40-QH, DF40-QH)
DF50QH (DF-50-QH, DF50-QH)
DF40T (DF-40-T, DF-40T)
DF50T (DF-50-T, DF-50T)
DF40 Y 2000 MODEL
DF50 Y 2000 MODEL
DF-40 W K1 2001 MODEL
DF-50 W K1 2001 MODEL
DF40 K3 2003 MODEL
DF50 K3 2003 MODEL
DF40/50 K4 2004 MODEL
DF-40/50 K5 2005 MODEL
DF-40/50 K6 2006 MODEL
DF-40/50 K7 2007 MODEL
DF-40/50 K8 2008 MODEL

Book Marked Chapters for easy navigation, this repair manual will permit you to easily and efficiently find the exact repair procedure you need in the quickest time possible.

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The following is a small sample of topics covered in each chapter. Technical highlights of chapters include: Specifications, Inspection, Exploded Diagrams, Removal, Disassembly, Assembly, Installation, Servicing, Reassembly, Special Tools, Seals, Lubricants and more.





General Precautions, Identification Number Location, Fuel and Oil, Gasoline Recommendation, Engine Oil, Engine Break-In, Propellers, Powerhead Direction of Rotation, Specifications, Service Data, Tightening Torque, Special Tools, Materials Required.


Periodic Maintenance Schedule, Periodic Maintenance Chart, Maintenance and Tune-Up Procedures, Engine Oil, Engine Oil Filter, Gear Oil, Lubrication, Spark Plug, Spark Plugs, Tappet Clearance, Idle Speed, Ignition Timing, Breather and Fuel Line, Low Pressure Fuel Filter, High Pressure Fuel Filter, Water Pump, Water Pump Impeller, Propeller Nut and Cotter Pin, Adodes and Bonding Wires, Battery, Bolt and Nuts, Fuel Mixture Check (O2 Feedback), Oil Pressure, Cylinder Compression.


Engine Control System Structure, System Structure, Wiring Diagram for Engine Control, Components for System Control, Engine Control Module (ECM), Ecm Connector and Terminal Layout, ECM Internal Structure, Sensor and Switch, Ignition System, Electronic Fuel Injection System, Fuel Injection, Fuel Delivery, Fuel Pump Control System, Air Intake Components, Idle Air Control System, Caution System, Over-Revolution Caution, Low Oil Pressure, Overheat Caution System, Low Battery, Self-Diagnostic, Priority, Code, Pattern for Self-Diagnostic, Condition for Self-Diagnostic, Fail-Safe System, Pre Programmed Value for Fale-Safe System, Oil Change Reminder, Star-In-Gear Protection, O2 Feedback System, Inspection, Precaution on System Inspection, Inspection for ECM Circuit, Inspection for Resistance, Component Inspections, Troubleshooting, Removal, Installation, Flywheel, CKP Sensor, CMP Sensor, Oil Pressure Switch and much more.

ELECTRICAL FOR SUZUKI Outboard motor DF40 (DF-40) DF50 (DF-50)

Battery Charging System, Outline, Inspection, Removal, Installation, Disassembly, Assembly, Electric Starter System, Troubleshooting, Starter Motor, Monitor-Tachometer, Electric Parts Holder.

FUEL SYSTEM FOR SUZUKI Outboard motor DF40 (DF-40) DF50 (DF-50)

Precaution on Fuel System Service, General Precaution, Fuel Pressure Relief Procedure, Fuel Line, Fuel Leakage Check, Fuel Hose, Fuel Pressure Inspection, Fuel Vapor Separator, High Pressure Fuel Pump, Fuel Injector, Low Pressure Fuel pump, Fuel Tank and more.

POWER UNIT FOR SUZUKI Outboard motor DF40 (DF-40) DF50 (DF-50)

Intake Manifold, Power Unit, Oil Pump, Timing Chain, Tensioner, Cylinder Head, Cylinder, Crankshaft, Piston, Thermostat, Water Cooling System, Engine Lubrication System and more.

MID UNIT FOR SUZUKI Outboard motor DF40 (DF-40) DF50 (DF-50)

Engine Side Cover, Driveshaft Housing and Oil Pan, Swivel Bracket, Steering Bracket and Clamp Bracket, Water Pressure Valve.

POWER TRIM AND TILT FOR SUZUKI Outboard motor DF40 (DF-40) DF50 (DF-50)

System Wiring Diagram, Oil Level, Service Procedure, Air Bleeding, Power Trim and Tilt Unit, PTT Motor, PTT motor Relay, PTT Switch, Principle’s of Operations and more.

LOWER UNIT FOR SUZUKI Outboard motor DF40 (DF-40) DF50 (DF-50)

Pinion Bearing Propeller, Gearcase, Gears, Propeller Shaft Components, Propeller Shaft Bearing Housing, Shift Rod Guide, Housing Components, Water pump and Related Items, Driveshaft Oil Seal Housing, Driveshaft, Trim Tab, Lower Unit Gears-Shimming and Adjustment.

WIRE, HOSE ROUTING FOR SUZUKI Outboard motor DF40 (DF-40) DF50 (DF-50)

Wiring Diagram, Wire Routing, Fuel and Water Hose Routing, Exploded View, Picture Illustrations of Wiring Diagrams
Other Chapters Include:

Examples of tabled specifications supplied in this service manual are: Dimensions and weight, overall length, overall height, weight without oil, transom height, performance, horsepower (HP), maximum output, recommended operating range, idle speed, power head, engine type, number of cylinders, bore, stroke, total displacement, compression ratio, spark plug type, what type of spark plugs, which spark plugs, ignition system, fuel supply, exhaust system, cooling system, throttle control, fuel and oil type, engine oil viscosity and weight, engine oil amounts, what gear oil, gear case oil capacity, bracket, trim angle, number of trim position, maximum tilt angle, gear ration, propeller (aluminum propeller, stainless steel propeller) and much more.

This Service Manual also contains important information on periodic maintenance to help you care for and maintain your engine for a longer life of the engine.

Information includes:

1. Periodic maintenance schedule chart for the recommended intervals for the required periodic service work necessary to keep the motor running a peak performance and economy.

2. Maintenance and tune-up procedures of engine oil, engine oil filter, engine oil filter replacement, gear oil, lubrication point, spark plug inspection, spark plug gap, tappet clearance, checking and adjusting tappet clearance, idle speed adjusting, ignition timing, breather and fuel line, low pressure fuel filter, fuel mixture check and much more.

PAGES: 578

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