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Service Manual Application: 2008-2009 (08-09) LT-A400, LT-A400F, LT-F400, LT-F400F, LTA-400, LTA400, LTA400F, LTF400F, LTF400F Suzuki KingQuad (King Quad) 4×4 2wd 2×4 All Terrine Vehicles (ATV). This is a high quality manual with excellent quality pictures, diagrams, exploded views and step-by-step procedures! If you own a 2008-2009 Suzuki KingQuad than this is the only service manual you should be using and the only one you will need to maintain and repair your quad runner.

Models covered by this manual are:

KingQuad 400AS (LT-A400) – automatic transmission, 2 wheel drive
KingQuad 400AS (LT-A400F) – automatic transmission, 4 wheel drive
KingQuad 400FS (LT-F400) – foot shifting, 2 wheel drive
KingQuad 400FS (LT-F400F) – foot shifting, 4 wheel drive

Contents of this Service and Repair Manual: This instant eBook contains fully detailed step-by-step repair procedures with hundreds of photos and illustrations to guide you through any repair, maintenance, overhaul, service specifications or troubleshooting procedure. This expert text guide book will give you the knowledge and experience you need to perform simple basic maintenance or more complicated service procedures like engine overhaul. Covers every thing you will ever need to know to fix anything on your your Suzuki 400 ATV KingQuad.

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*The following information is just a SMALL sample of information and data found in a basic Suzuki repair manual. There is far to much to list so only a small example of topics have been used for the description of each chapter, however, this manual was designed to allow the user a complete understanding in every chapter from performing simple procedures like changing engine oil to more complicated procedures like engine overhaul for the 08-09 kingquad 400.


This Suzuki 08-09 LT-400 service repair manual covers the following topics in the general information section: Service Rules, Model Identification, General Specifications, Lubrication System, Fuel System Specs, Cooling System Specs, Cylinder Head, Valve, Camshaft Specs, Cylinder Piston Specifications, Clutch, Kicstarter, Gearshift Linkage, Crankcase, Transmission, Crankshaft, Front Wheel, Rear Wheel, Hydraulic Brake, Electrical Specifications, Torque Values, Engine, Frame Torque Values, Lubrication’s and Seal Points, Cable and Harness routing, Emissions Control Systems and much more.


Technical Features in this chapter include Unicam system, Hot Start System, Twin Sump Lubrication System.


Some of the information contained in this section includes service Information, troubleshooting, Seat, Mud Guard, Foot Peg, Top cover, Front Fender, Rear Fender, Engine Guard, Skid Plate, Fuel Tank, Gas Tank, Seat guard Plate, Exhaust System and more.


If your Installing new parts, used parts or a aftermarket part or part purchased from an online store or shop for your King Quad 400 ATV than consider buying this manual as it is the perfect reference guide and it will help your repair work go smooth. This maintenance chapter includes Service Info. Maintenance schedule, Fuel Line, Throttle Operation, Air cleaner, spark Plug, Spark Plugs, Valve Clearance, Decompressor System, Engine Oil, Engine Oil Filter, Transmission Oil, Engine Idle Speed, Radiator Coolant, Cooling System, Drive Chain, Drive Chain Slider, Brake Fluid, Brake Pads Wear, Brake Light, brake System, Skid Plate, Engine guard, Clutch System, Suspension, Spark Arrester, Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners, Wheels, Tires, Steering Head Bearing, Steering Shaft Holder Bearing, steering System and more.


This entire repair book contains pictures, high quality photos, picture diagrams, and photo illustrations to help guide the user in important or complicated steps. Information found in the Lubrication System section is as follows: Lubrication System Diagram, Service Information, Troubleshooting, Oil Strainer, Pressure Relief Valve, Oil pump, Oil Cooler and more.


System Components, Service data, Troubleshooting, air Cleaner Housing, Carburetor Removal, Disassembly, Assembly, Installation, Pilot Screw Adjustment, Fuel System Description. The fuel system consists of a fuel tank, fuel filter, fuel valve, vacuum hose, fuel hose and carburetor assembly. When there is negative pressure (vacuum) in the combustion chamber, the fuel is able to flow from the fuel tank, through the fuel valve and then to the carburetor assembly.


Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and save hundreds in repair cost, understanding all the important maintenance and care needed for your ATV will help engine life and the performance of your ride. This chapter includes, System Components, Service Information, Trouble shooting, system Testing, Coolant Replacement, Thermostat, Radiator, Cooling fan, water pump and more.


Service Info, Components, Engine Remove, Engine Install.


All crucial service, components and trouble shooting data is found in this section including Cylinder, Piston, Pistons Removal and installation Procedures.


Buy this 2008-2009 Suzuki KingQuad 400 repair manual now and acquire all the knowledge you need to fix any trouble or problem on your ATV.




Service data, Component System, Handlebar, throttle housing, Front wheel, Tires, Front Wheel Hub, Front Shock Absorber, Suspension Arm, Steering Shaft, Tie-Rod and more.


Service Data, Rear Axle, Bearing Holder, Rear Shock Absorber, Shock Linkage, Swingarm and more.


All service data is included in this section including Brake Fluid Replacement and How to bleed the Air Brakes, Brake Pads, Brake Pad and Disc, Front Master Cylinder, Front Brake Caliper, Rear Master cylinder, rear Brake Caliper, Brake Pedal and more.


This electrical section covers all electric service data, Alternator, Regulator, Rectifier, Ignition system Inspection, Ignition Timing, Ignition Coil, ICM, Ignition control Module, Headlight, Brake light, Taillight, Ignition Switch, Handlebar Switch, Brake Light Switch, Carburetor Heater, Throttle Position Sensor, coolant Temperature Indicator, Cooling fan Motor, Engine Coolant Temperature ECT Sensor and more.



Tired of asking your local certified repair technician mechanic questions about your ailing problems with no answers like
1. My engine does not start.
2. Why is my engine hard to start.
3. My King Quad 400 engine starts but lacks power upon throttle.
4. Why am I having poor performance at low and idle speed?
5. Whats causing my week performance at high (top speed)?
6. Why when I start my engine it shuts off?
7. Which, what Oil do i use?
8. How do I check to see if my compression is low?
9. How do I know if my clutch is slipping?
10. I hear a strange knocking noise upon acceleration, whats causing this?
11. How do i set the Ignition Timing?
12. When do I change engine oil, is there a maintenance interval chart?

Get all the answers you need and more with this systematic troubleshooting approach to guide you through diagnosing and fixing your Suzuki KingQuad 400.

Manual Language: English
Pages: 518
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